We supposed to be the front-end chief, but I’m just developing the back-end. CodeWape mainly uses FuelPHP as a framework for system development, but it seems that the mainstream these days is Laravel.

So, we would like to make a light comparison between FuelPHP and Laravel.

Assumption: What is important when using the framework?

We think there are various reasons for adopting the framework, but we personally list three major reasons.

Development community status

Whether the development community is active is a big issue.

The community is actively working to take advantage of new features that match PHP version upgrades, eliminate debt in previous versions, have a wealth of libraries, and enjoy such benefits. Because.

Frameworks that are stagnant in development are dead in a good way, but they have more disadvantages than that.

Abundance and accuracy of the information including official documents

We think there are many times when you get stuck during development.

It is important that there are abundant documents to refer to at such times and articles created by someone, but it is certain that there are many so-called “tried” articles that imitate the contents of the official documents as they are.

It is not a bad thing to disseminate your own development history, but it is a fact that the accuracy of information decreases as the number of users increases, so it is important to note.

Do you understand the features provided by the framework?

Each framework has its own characteristics, most of which are CLIs such as oil and artisan.

It is possible to develop everything by hand, but the development speed can be significantly improved by using the CLI.

Therefore, understanding the functionality of the framework is also important.

Which is better, FuelPHP or Laravel

Based on the above three points, it will be an iridescent answer as to which framework is better, FuelPHP or Laravel, but the conclusion is that it depends on the time and the case.

With CodeWape, we already have knowledge of FuelPHP and the value of using Laravel is low, but when adopting either framework from now on, we would like you to make a decision after carefully considering the advantages and disadvantages.

Advantages and disadvantages of FuelPHP

Execution speed is fast ⇔ Code description amount increases

FuelPHP is a very simple framework, so it’s load-resistant and display speed doesn’t really matter.

However, since it is likely that you will need to extend your own functions at the time of implementation, the amount of code written will inevitably increase.

The high degree of freedom ⇔ High threshold

As mentioned above, it requires its own implementation, but it can be expanded, so the degree of freedom is high.

On the other hand, the threshold tends to be high because you have to implement it yourself.

Stable ⇔ slow update

The latest major version of FuelPHP is 1.8 as of September 27, 2019, but it was released on April 9, 2016, more than three years ago.

Therefore, knowledge will be accumulated more and more, but slow update means the slow acquisition of the latest functions.

Advantages and disadvantages of Laravel

Abundant components ⇔ slow execution speed

Laravel can reduce the amount of code written by utilizing abundant components.

It’s so versatile that it’s easy to implement, but at the expense of execution speed.

If the load is high, it may be necessary to replace it, so that should be taken into consideration.

Easy to touch even for beginners’ ⇔ Information accuracy drops

Even beginners can easily implement functions by using components and CLI.

Therefore, the number of users is always on the rise, but conversely, articles by beginners are flooding the Internet.

It is enough to read the official document for the basic information, and the information to be searched for other than that is the information for the advanced version, but it is painful that it is buried in the article of the beginner and difficult to find.

The update is quick ⇔ Learning cost is high

Laravel’s latest LTS, version v6.0 was just released on September 3, 2019, but the previous LTS v5.5 release was August 30, 2017, three times before the v6.0 release There was a minor version upgrade.

Advanced features are implemented for frequent updates, but learning is essential to mastering them.

Learning is unavoidable when working as an engineer, so it does not matter much, but learning in parallel with actual work is very difficult, so we would like to keep learning costs as low as possible.


Both FuelPHP and Laravel have their advantages and disadvantages, so we can’t say unconditionally, but the conclusion of CodeWape is that FuelPHP can be left as it is without using Laravel.

Personally, it’s best to use Laravel if you want to implement it easily and quickly, and FuelPHP if you want to continue tuning as a product.

We think there are controversies about choosing a framework, so please include your thoughts in the comments.

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